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My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married for 8. We have 6 beautiful children together. We started very young. We have had rocky points in our marriage, my husband had cheated a couple times with girls on the internet. Well, right before this whore came into our lives we were going thru a very difficult time. We were very stupid and had lost custody of our children. || Well, we had been going thru all the steps to get them back. We pretty much had changed our lives. We were near the end, just about to get them back and my husband had started acting strange. He worked thru a temp service at one of the car auctions in Kansas city. He actually worked there with my brother. I was also working but I worked nights in lees summit. We use to got to the pool hall by our house on Friday’s. We went that Friday and he was being very distant and mean. He had taken me into switching my Friday shift for Saturday so we could go out then he acts like that. Well he drops me off at work the next night and I’m calling him all night the phone had been shut off. When my shift ended at 3:30am he still never answered the phone. I had a coworker take me home. I get there and he is passed out in bed drunk with bite marks on his chest and neck. I look at the phone and click on Google and there was her name. On facebook said that she worked at the auction. My heart sunk. We fought for a few days I was stupid enough to try to get him to stay. I confronted her on the phone. She told me everything. That he had been asking her out and that she knew about me and our situation. That she had showed up at the pool hall that one night. No wonder he was acting like that. She even asked me if I wouldn’t sleep with my own husband until he could move out. || He finally left. He kept missing our visits with the kids. He even tried bringing her to one of them!! I had to make security make her leave. She kept harassing me! Like messaging me out of the blue saying”hey do you wanna borrow your husband he needs to get laid” she thought it was a game. I was devastated this was happening to my children right when they needed us the most! I continued doing what I needed to do for them. She also kept telling me to tell her future kids hi!! She said that her and him were going to try to take my kids. Well she has 3 of her own from 3 different dads and she lived with her mom that was a drunk and her dad lived in the basement doing meth. She did drugs herself. || Well, my husband called one day and said he wanted to try to make it for kids. I let him come back so that we could work together to get our children back home. He left her house and came with me. She was frantic trying to get him to come”home” as she called it saying she was in love and that she was pregnant with twins and they were his!! They had only known each other for 2 months. How would she know if was twins already?!? I’ve been pregnant 6 times I know what goes on. She then claimed she was having a miscarriage and bleeding and needed him to come to the hospital. He ignored her. A few days later she said she had to get a dnc but they managed to save one of the babies. She even sent a positive pregnancy thing from planned parenthood and you can tell it had been altered. She forgot about zoom! She messages me for months and months and would say” oh i just saw you guys”! crazy bitch! She was nasty! My husband came home smelling like rotten vagina! This is a real homewrecker! She knew about us but still did that she is nuts! I know my husband is just as much to blame. || We now have our kids back and we are doing ok. Trying to raise these babies together. Women beware I think she gets a kick out of ruining lives!

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