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My mans ex girlfriend requested me on fb not thinking anything of it I accepted it… We started to talk and be fb friends because I had been with my man for almost 7 years so I didn’t think there would be any issues. Well one night she says I’m in your neighborhood wanna smoke a cigarette? She tried to play my friend so she could get to him. I said sure and told her where I lived. || The next day she shows up at my house and immediately messaged my bf how when she seen him it brought up all these old feelings and how she wanted to hang out with him. Now neither one of them knew I had hacked his fb and seen all these texts. When I flipped out she comes by to lie and say it wasn’t like that she just wants to be friends (not knowing I have seen her text how she wants him back). Well on the day before my 7 yr anniversary he gets drunk and decided to call her and she picked him up right the street from my house because at the time I was a stay at home mom and he left me for her and didn’t want to pay bills anymore. || The funny part is I know of 3 other guys she had done this to. I’m back with him but still live with the hurt and anger that I lost everything over what was nothing but a game to her.

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