Brittani S Schubauer Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


While my husband had always had issues that make me question my trust for him, I never thought he’d pull the stunts this psycho lady put in his head. February of 2015 he started acting weird. Going to the bar (he doesn’t drink), staying out until 3-4am while I stayed at home with our 5 month old baby (that we planned) and 5 year old daughter. Things were getting weird and he started asking me things that related to us splitting. We both worked at the same building, so we took the car to work together and came home together. He kept telling me he’d always take care of us and things just got weirder and weirder. He distanced himself a great deal and I couldn’t figure out what it was. He even went out and leased me a new car, continuing to say he’d always take care of me. Very strange. || The first thing I did was check phone records one night when he wasn’t home. It was her number, and she didn’t answer.”Hi, you’ve reached Brittani Schubauer, leave a message”. Who the hell is that?!? I texted her and told her if she’s with my husband she better walk away now. He immediately calls me then, and tells me she’s just a friend and he wanted to talk to her about life and our relationship. Apparently talking to a single girl about your marriage is appropriate. I wasn’t buying it but I let it go. || Valentine’s day comes around and the bank account says my husband got something from bath & body works. Well, I never received a present from him so I can only imagine who that went to. All of this running around he’s doing every night while I’m at home with his babies. || I couldn’t figure out what it was until my mother, who works at the same building with us, told me she needed to talk to me immediately. It turned out someone had seen my husband making out with someone in the cafeteria at work and they assumed it was me, naturally, seeing as we were married. Turns out my mother told her coworker that it wasn’t me and that’s when things started spiraling out of control. Not only was my husband cheating on me, he was doing it at the same building his wife and mother-in-law worked at. Eyes were everywhere. Everything clicked. That’s where he had been going at night, that’s where he was when he was sleeping over at his friend’s house. This homewrecking tramp is the reason he abandoned his children for the next 3 months. No texts, calls, nothing asking how his children were doing. Several doctors appointments he didn’t even ask about. He completely abandoned us, left me paying full day care costs, and didn’t offer any assistance. He even took the car back. Meanwhile him and this disgusting rat get an apartment together and live life like there’s no problems in the world. For some reason he decided he wants the kids back, probably psycho bitch trying to take everything she can from me. So they start taking the kids because of court orders for custody and my oldest daughter starts coming home with her beautiful blonde curls straightened with a flat-iron, at 5 years old. Maybe it’s my family, but a daughter’s hair is for MOM’S hands ONLY. This horseface must desperately be trying to get the children to think she’s better than me. Funny how that’ll never work. So now I live 1.4 miles away from homewrecker and my soon to be ex-jackass of a disgusting slimeball husband. I filed for child support because I need help and he is undeserving of happiness at this point while he mutilated my life, and he had the nerve to try and modify it. || He can’t take any responsibility for any of his actions. He hasn’t apologized. He’s told me he left me because he likes short skinny women, saying this to me months after i gave birth to his second child. Everything between us was normal before this tramp decided to pay him mind at work. So all 4 of us, him, my mom, me, and that slut all work in the same building and that’s my life. We would have been married 6 years this year, with two beautiful little girls. We had things set up to have purchased a home by now. He tore everything we took so long to build up apart for this thing. I fought for our marriage, I fought for the kids sake, I did everything I could to convince him that what he was doing was a mistake but she must have a chokehold on him. Can’t wait til paradise comes crashing and burning down.

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By Ronald

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