Britnee Bradley Johnson – Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee


Well lets see, this woman moved a married man to the area for “work” & then started to pursue an affair w him while she too Was married. She was his boss at a certain Bath company in Madison (no specifics there are like 100) Fitter. Anyways I started noticing texts back in Feb or March, this woman was texting after midnight it woke me & the baby up so I checked it out. I flipped out & said what business does your boss have texting you all hours of the night? He plays it off & says she’s just like that she does it to ALL THE MEN there & is just a sleeze, that he guessed her hubby doesn’t give her attention & he guessed she was just a desperate housewife you know the type. But he said he would tell her to stop she was being too “chatty”. Fast forward to a few more weeks she gives my man a total of 1000 dollars just out of the “goodness of her heart” (yeah saw texts on that later as well) & another 300! People dont just do that I’m not dumb. So I confront him again & its oh it wasn’t her money its company money she felt bad she got me up here & claimed there would be all this work then there wasn’t. BS But I fell for it again. Then I find emails here & there between them on his company site jus so Nobody claims slander it all can be pulled up under the account & I saved every email text & phone log! Saying she was tired of being hidden & blah blah blah that she knows he has a family (yes she knew ALL ABOUT US ) she’s tired of it all, you know the homewrecking wh**e drill spat. (Yes hes too is a homewrecker as well & he will be on the man site dont think I’m singling her wh*re self out) she starts giving him hours he isn’t actually working as credit I know this because the hours she wrote down he was actually home w me. So not only screwing my man but her company too & all this ON COMPANY TIME because he is NEVER not home after work so that had to be when it was happening. & meeting him on Sundays! While she too was still MARRIED I hope her husband sees this too because he needs to know he also has been played a fool. My emotions are thru the roof so I go off & tell everyone. Then fond out its not the 1st time its happened! & probably wont be the last. I tried to be an adult & discuss this but was met w threats. Oh & lets not forget while I was out of town being checked for what they thought was cancer she was trying to mess w my husband! & everyone knew where i was & what I was being checked for. I don’t deserve this NOBODY DOES & this all should be exposed to HR & everyone else because this woman is trash! He told me when he started there she would cuss & say all sorts of vulgar things & was just filthy & trashy. I shouldve told him to leave right then but he stuck it out just for her to keep right on pursuing it! Then she sends him an email about his hours & asking if he needs any extra cash he says no he doesn’t want anything from her. Then she says she will send his stubs he replies ill dance at your wedding she says well the groom usually dances w the bride hehe & I make a tasty bride (I saw her wedding pics it looks like she ate the damn bride) He says he told her not to say that to him or to contact him again but it still continued. They met up several times before she ever separated & had to sneak anywhere. All while he was comimg home to me every night saying he loved me actimg like everything was fine & normal we’ve mever had ANY types of problems! He’s been begging me to stay but I haven’t decided what I want to do yet. He swears she is nothing & mever meant anything that she wasn’t even his type (are they ever) that she was too old (he doesn’t like women his age) too easy & way too trashy, that even all the co workers thought so. That they had no clue why her husband was even w her that she made him look like the innocent one (whatever that means) ANYWAYS IF YOU ARE IN THE TENNESSEE AREA OR INDIANA ,KENTUCKY & married to some ones who works at a Bath FITTING company watch your man! She runs several stores & from what my husband says gets around. Ive also saw her name on here & the burn book where another woman put her down on there a few years back FOR THE SAME THING W ANOTHER COUPLE!

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