British Airways Washington District of Columbia Review


I was running late to catch my flight to London from Dulles, since I relied on public transport to get to the airport, in my effort to “go green””. Yea

next time I’ll pollute the earth more with an oil burning Taxi Cab. Got to the check in counter about one hour before the flight but it was swamped with Indian people all headed to Mumbai or something. Seriously

these people had big screen TV’s boxed up and were packed like they were leaving the US permanently. I eventually got to the front and they would not honor my ticket. Would not accomodate me on later flights even though there were ample empty seats. Quoted me $1800 for a ticket. Spend hours on customer service hotlines with both British Airways and Orbitz

which is where I bought the ticket. They both blamed each other and told me to call one another. Passed back and forth 20 times. I filed a dispute on my American Express and they were unable to get the money back due to BA being headquartered in England. I will never (attempt) to fly British Airways again. They made no effort to help me.”

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