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Bridgett Elliott runs Healthway TV network and Black Shopping Channel. Both internet sales outlets e retail. She advertised on LinkedIn on the TV professional group nShe brings people into the “audition””/”” screentest”” and then tells them they should sign a release for their audition.She uses their audition on the site instead of paying the talent for a real job. It appears

that way she never actually has to pay . nHere are her words :n””I mentioned in my previous email

we do not pay hosts who come in to do screen tests. As you can imagine

we have many hosts that screen test all the time and it is simply not cost effective for us to pay hundreds of people. Your screen test would be an actual infomercial that we would use on the air so if you feel that you are not able to sign off on a host release form so that it can air

please advise so that I can advise the production crew. “” nNice double speak HUH? Just a heads up so no one wastes their time and new talent doesn’t get taken advantage of . Disclaimer:the above is my personal opinion based on my true personal experience July 2012″

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