Bridget Busler Watertown, New York New York


Where to begin. My boyfriend and I had been together for 4 yrs when he hooked up with this vile, disgusting excuse of a human. He had recently ended it with her when he found out she was sleeping with at least 2 other men, 1 of which was married and her landlord. That’s when he told me. He told me how he had met this this girl sometime in October 2014 and they started sleeping together on the first night. I had full trust in this man. I never had a reason to doubt what he told me, until now. He said they continued the affair until she moved to be with someone else, a married man no less. Another relationship destroyed, another family left heart broken. He said how she had just returned back to NY when he met her from another state. How she bragged about them men she slept with, the lives she destroyed the hearts that were broke. She loved it cuz she hated women. She wanted happiness and a man who loved her. Well, stop sleeping with married men. I know of at least 5 men. || She came back around December 2014 when her relationship ended with the other married man. Then pursued my boyfriend again. She then became involved with a man I am told is/was her landlord. And he is also married. when my boyfriend found out in March I believe he told her he was done. Called her all sorts of names (I saw the texts) told her to grow up and leave people alone. Have some respect for relationships and herself. I called him the biggest hypocrite in the world simply because of his idiotic actions. We have children together, we had a life. We now live in separate homes. I have no trust in him or men in general. Are they all like this? Are all women dirty filthy whores like her? I don’t know if he’s still sleeping with her. She could have moved on to the next one. I know my boyfriend and her landlord weren’t the only 2 men. I hold my boyfriend just as fully responsible as I do her. That’s why he no longer lives with me. I know what these poor wives of these men are going through. She is disgusting. She is dirty. She’s is the worst part of our human race. She needs help. She needs a life. Have some respect for people, don’t just think of yourself. Think of the lives you are destroying. The families, the children. Think of the name you are giving yourself. Do you care??? Obviously not. || You took my children’s father, you took my heart my life. You both broke my faith and trust in all of humanity by you spreading your nasty legs and by you putting your dick in her. She recently tried contacting my boyfriend again, but I put a stop to it when I changed his number and blocked hers. I took these pictures of her off his phone. I don’t know how recent they are. Karma is coming, if not already but no the whore doesn’t always win.

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By Ronald

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