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Company contracted us to load lumber in snow storm in PA. We called the shipper and he said he had 16 trucks from the day before to work. We went in at 1200PM as requested. We didnt get loaded until 4:00 PM | When we went to deliver load we arrived at 9:00 AM we didnt get unloaded until 2:00 PM in the afternoon. | We contacted the broker and he said to get times signed for and we did what he asked. When we sent the signed paperwork over to the broker he said he will do what he can. After waiting a couple of days we contacted the broker and he told us the job was billed already and he couldnt do anything. THis happens way to often and as a carrier we have ne recourse to getting paid our detention time. Our drivers get upset because we cant pay them for the time they spent. | We as a carrier have no place to report bad brokers. I hope you can help put this broker out there it happens all the time.


Name: Bridge Logistics Inc

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Cincinnati

Address: 5 Circle Fwy Dr

Phone: 1 513-874-7444


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By Ronald

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