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I had a bad feeling about this site and I wish I would have trusted my gut. I ordered 1 of my bridesmaid dresses off of this site to 1) see the quality 2) see the fit 3) see the color. I absolutely loved the dress shown on the site. The company called me to verify the order. I could not understand the woman. She was obviously Chinese and the conversation was awkward and unproductive. When I checked the status online, I noticed that the dress was showing as custom (making it non-returnable). So I used the chat feature and asked that it be changed to a standard size 4–what I ordered. It took them FOREVER to figure out what I wanted and finally updated the order. I did receive it quickly, and like other reviews, in a DHL bag. It was wrinkled, but otherwise in pretty decent shape. The dress doesn’t fit like a standard size 4, there were pin holes EVERYWHERE (which I probably would have lived with) had the color not been anywhere close to what is pictured online. I know they can’t match it exactly (blah blah blah), but we’re not talking just a little off. The picture was a chocolate brown and the dress was caramel/latte/very light brown. I used the chat feature (since talking to them on the phone is next to impossible) to see about an exchange. They refused saying its “not their fault”” that the color varies so much. BTW–I ordered color swatches mid-December and still have yet to receive them (end of January). We settled on returning the dress

plus the re-stocking fee

and they’d send a new dress without charging for the shipping. I sent it back USPS

just as they told me to do

and I still haven’t heard that they’ve received it. This is ridiculous and not worth the headache. Do not use this company. The cost savings are NOT worth it.”

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By Ronald

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