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I was just recently ripped off by this company. Most of you were lucky enough to of used a credit card with buyer protection, me, I sent in a money order of $178 dollars to these guys and received absolutely nothing in the mail and no way to get my money back from them. Im a single mom of two on low income assistance and I saved for a long time for my sons birthday present for this year. I thought it would have been a great surprise to buy him all the lego sets that were advertised. I found out, on closer inspection, that they were all lego manuals, so I tried to cancel my order. After a few e-mails, Suzan P. told me my item was already shipped, yet I received no shipping invoice or tracking number and when I asked for one, I received no response from them. I still have not received anything from them and lost all money I had for my sons birthday present this year. He was very sad to find out that I couldnt afford anything for him after being ripped off by the brick train shop. I dont know how they sleep at night knowing they are breaking little childrens hearts. Maybe next year I can afford something for my poor little man, but this year the present I thought I was giving to him didnt ever show up in the mail. :(nVery sad customers

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