Brianna Griffin – Vista, California California


This woman was one of my dearest friend’s friend. She would talk, text, even attend her holiday parties, all the while sleeping with my friend’s husband. They would meet up and then this freak would text my dear friend like nothing happened. My friend is the kindest, sweetest, most caring, beautiful, gracious, and loving woman I’ve ever met. She volunteers with thousands of women on a daily basis, helping them to improve their lives and build self confidence. She works hard to support her family, keeps a beautiful home, and has always been a faithful wife. This home wrecking, married woman has no morals. Is my friend’s husband guilty as well? Yes. And he’s paying the price now. Beware ladies, keep your men close, and this woman far, far away. She’s a Chamaeleon. She changes her hair color like she changes her men.

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By Ronald

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