Brian Allen Brown 3/1961 467-37-xxxx and Jennifer Tracy Burnett Gray 1/1975 521-19-xxxx Loveland Colorado Review


Do not rent to Brian Allen Brown 3/1961, 970-980-7701 or Jennifer Tracy Burnett Gray, 1/1975, 970-222-2043. Not only are they whiny, entitled people, who complain about everything; they are con artist. The stole $1200 from me by failing to make repairs under our contract, they lived in the house without paying and I had to evict them, which cost $1530. And, the incurred 7 different violations of the contract. But, worse of all, their girls flooded the basement and caused over 9K worth of damages. That cost me $1500 just to have the debris removed. Then they tampered with the furnace value and used it as an excuse as to why they breached their contact. These people are nightmares. I wish someone had warned me. In all, it cost me over 14K to rent to them. Do not rent to them if you value your home or your peace of mind! If you are a potential landlord be aware if they contact you.

1911 Park Drive Loveland, Colorado United States of America

970-980-7701 and 970-222-


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By Ronald

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