Brent Hickein Review


Brent hickein is nothing but a 2 bit thief that will immediately try to steal anything he buys with his credit card. The second an online merchant tells this hick that the item ships, he will waste no time into contacting his credit card company and try to steal the product from the online merchant. He will purposely lie to his own credit card company trying to pass himself off as the victim, when he’s nothing but a two bit liar and thief. When you send him collections letters saying your going to sue this 60 year old loser, he will just hide under the rock he was born in. Dont waste your time and just sue this thief for petty larceny and fraud.


Name: Brent Hickein

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Granite Falls

Address: 7019 Waterfront Place

Phone: 828-729-8513


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By Ronald

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