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Complaint: “DR. Brent Bordic””

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Address: which I really use the term “”DR”” loosley because he claims he wants his patients to just call him Brent Bordic so that he can have a relationship with his patients that puts them at ease. Well unfortantely I didn’t ever feel at ease based on how Brent Bordic treated me as a patient. It was time for me to have my prostate checked out and he was on the list of doctors for my insurance so I used him. Big mistake. I was really surprised by his course and rough bed side manner that really was not calming at all! Luckily and thankfully there were no negative issues found when performing the procedure (the one good thing) but I was completely floored when I received the bill for $499

Website: Nationwide USA

Phone: which was in addition to what the insurance company claimed they would cover. I now am battling the insurance company on a weekly basis to get this resolved but Dr Brent Bordic’s dishonest and unprofessional billing practice

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