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My husband and I have been married nearly twelve years. We’ve had our ups and downs like all couples, but I am done with this. Brenda Lopez was his friends wife. We hung out as couples for a few times, but I didn’t really like them. They were too much drama and she is like talking to a brick wall. I work 32-hour weekends so I was fine if our girls hung out together and my husband with them because I had complete and total faith in the father of my child. Then I came home and found them in our bed together, fully dressed, but she was in my spot with her head on his chest. I went off! He calmed me down, said it was nothing, it was just a cold day. || We figured things out and after a few months the girls hung out and though I was leery he hung out with them on weekends. Then about six months later he lied to me about where he was and who he was with. He said he was with his dying father, but he was at her house drinking. He told me he chose me and he was not going to have anything else to do with her. He lied again, I kept questioning who he was talking to all the time and why he was getting home so late. He got mad at me and told me I was crazy and couldn’t let things go. || I have recently found out through cell phone records and by contacting her that they talk every day and make arrangements to meet on his way home. Supposedly there is no sexual anything but I am done. She can have him. Her old man left her for another woman and now she has taken the only man that I have ever known. Good riddance. I hope she does the same thing to him and he feels everything that I have in this deception, He is just as much to blame as her but he is the father of my daughter and I have to think about her.

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By Ronald

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