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So my whole life changed, two days before Valentine’s Day this year, when was looking something up on the laptop. There was a notification pop up, which I couldn’t see very well since my kids had dropped it and broke the LCD, making the entire top part of the screen useless… I clicked on the pop up and it opened up a new app called Messages, which apparently came with the OS upgrade that I had done a few months prior. I didn’t think anything of it when I saw text messages between her and my husband, but I was curious about what they talked about because I knew they had known each other a while and talked often. I never worried about her or thought anything if it, since she’s not anything my husband is into- so I thought… She’s awkward and cute but definitely NOT a standout like my husband had always been attracted to… I started to scroll up to the first text and a word caught my attention, the text was from my husband and it read: || Your p**** felt so good I just couldn’t hold it || My heart sank and I could barely breathe as I read through the rest of the text. Apparently, my husband would go to her house or they’d meet at a bar after her husband left for work at 8:30 pm, when I thought my husband was out with his friends. I never questioned him and didn’t mind if he went out and had a couple drinks with friends. He works really hard so I can be a stay at home mom and I’ve never had any reason to NOT trust him. I kept reading and also found out that she was pregnant and this was the SECOND time she’d been and wasn’t sure if my husband or her’s was father! My husband’s text said: ||”the last time I went inside you, you ended up pregnant”, and the whore said”yeah, but I guess we’ll never know” She always claimed she had”miscarriages” but in one her text, she said”if it was yours, I don’t think I’d have the heart to get rid of it”. She also said she was recovering from”surgery”, she claimed this pregnancy was ectopic and made it sound like she had this major operation. Bitch, you’re not fooling anyone, you went to the clinic and had it taken care of, probably like the rest of your MISCARRIAGES. || After reading all the text, I didn’t know what to do. Should I confront him right then, find her and deal with her ass? I was in shock and didn’t/couldn’t say anything for two days… Then, coincidentally on Valentine’s Day, my husband randomly tells me that Breanna is pregnant, it’s ectopic and she’s having a hard time with it. I went along with it, like I was concerned (eyes rolling) but really wanted to blurt out,”yeah, POSSIBLY with YOUR kid!”… I confronted him that night, I was crying and shaking as I woke him up, all I said was”I know”… He said”know what?”, I handed him the laptop with the app opened to their text… Just like when a criminal is caught, he coward, sank down in the bed and confessed everything. He said it had gone on for a while but was nothing more than sex and there were NEVER any feelings. It’s obvious from the text that was one sided, my husband is VERY charming and this dumb bitch hung on every word he said. Little does she know, during the time he was seeing her, we were having major marital issues… I hardly had sex with him as a punishment, I guess, so he was just out looking to get some EASY ASS… Looks like he found it and her name is BREANNA!! || Posting this is giving me a little closure so we can move on and try to put this behind us… I know you should never give a cheater a second chance and I should probably take the kids and leave his lying, cheating, ass. But I also believe that when things are broken, you fix them, not replace them… If this breaks us, SHE wins and I’m NOT gonna let this ate up bitch get the best of me. We’ve been married 10 years, have 2 beautiful kids and just bought our dream home… She’s been married barely 3 years and can’t/won’t have kids with her husband, but would with MINE?! Let’s just see how long her marriage lasts and how strong HER relationship is, after her husband finds out she can’t keep her legs closed and has no problem bringing another man into THEIR BED. To me, that’s the biggest form of betrayal you could ever do to someone.

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