Brasserie Pascal Newport Beach California


Complaint: I went to Brasserie Pascal with my husband to enjoy good food in a nice atmosphere. I ordered a French dip sandwich, which the menu said came with grilled onion. When I got the sandwich, there were no grilled onions on it, so I asked the waitress for some. This small, reasonable request became a rude experience.First, the waitress seemed stunned, and didn’t seem to know what to do. This was confusing to me, as the sandwich was advertised to have the darn onions. When the waitress returned, she brought a small portion of onion, but not enough for me to enjoy my sandwich. So I requested more. Now the waitress really had a problem with it and did not want to ask the chef. The waitress came back with another meager dollop of onion, and warned me, “Chef says that if you want more onion

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Address: you have to pay for it.””This is not my idea of encouraging repeat customers. All I did was ask for the grilled onion that the menu said comes with the sandwich! Instead

Website: was treated. The manager basically blew me off

Phone: I got bad attitude and a disrupted meal I had to pay for.I then asked to see the manager. No one came after 15 minutes. I had to ask to see the manager three times and wait twenty five minutes before she came to discuss the ridiculous way I

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