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I was browsing the internet for the opportunity to purchase a Yorkie Terrier from a reputable breeder. I came across the website Brandy Yorkies Home and completed a Contact Us form with my name, email address, phone number, and the name of the terrier I was interested in. Soon afterward I received a detailed email regarding the terrier of interest (Teddy) explaining the price to be $400, the terrier to be AKC certified, microchipped, trained, 100% purebred, and great temperament. The email further detailed that the owner and her partner bred small batches of Yorkies and were located in Pittsburgh, P.A. No address was given and no name was given, the email sign off was simply "Alluring & Family". The email included five or six photos of Teddy and an additional website link "". When I clicked on this link it led me to the exact same website template with the exact same information from the About page to the Available Puppies page and to the Testimonials page as the Brandy Yorkie website. It became clear at this point that both the Brandy Yorkie and the Alluring Yorkie websites are the exact same, but posing as different breeder companies. As I continued the email conversation, I was then informed that the terrier would need to be shipped for an additional $160 and I was asked for my name, address, and closest airport. All of which information I gave and asked about the process of payment and delivery. The email instructed the money to be sent via Zelle, following which I would be given all of the airline information and arrival time of the terrier. I confirmed my interest (at this point already knowing it was a scam, but hoping to receive more information to include in this report) and received the following Zelle information:Email: [email protected]Name: Jenyra McCannAmount: $560After sending the payment, I was instructed to send a screenshot of the payment confirmation at which point they would inform me of all airline and delivery information. I did not send any money. I do not know whether any information was compromised as I did give my name, cell phone number, and physical address. I know that has comments and a listing for Brandy Yorkie, but barely any information regarding Alluring Yorkie. Therefore, I wanted to ensure that it would be known to other potential victims that both websites are for the same scamming purposes and all of the puppies listed are the same.

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By Ronald

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