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My husband and I have been married for 15 years and have 3 kids. The two oldest are mine from a previous marriage and then we have a 9-year-old daughter together. So my husband proceeded to confess to me on May 5, 2015 that he had had an affair which ended within the last year. I noticed that he had deactivated his facebook account and he confessed the reason he did that was that Brandy was threatening to tell me about their affair. After much prodding and basically me yelling he told me her name was Brandy Luppino and he had met her at work. He was a driver for a factory,,,I know,,typical factory w**** meets a man than needs his”ego” stroked. He then tells me it was happening over a period of 4 years, so if my math and stalking skills are correct it was from 2010 – 2014. Mind you in that time my mom was dying of cancer, my oldest son was getting ready to graduate and had medical issues, we had to file bankruptcy, and we were foreclosed on. Apparently all these”business trips” he had to go on he would go see her. || So being the pissed off wife, I contacted this chic via fb instant message and she basically gave me the”it takes two to tango” and”he pursued her”. I told the stupid skank that she has no respect for women and asked her what kind of real woman does that to another woman? Anytime I would ask her a question she would be like”well what did he say?” Really?? You guys are f****** busted and you can’t even be B**** enough to tell me the truth but you were a B**** enough to sleep with a married man for 4 years! To top it all off she had boyfriends at the same time she was screwing my husband and I am sure they were not aware of her booty calls with my husband. This chic has 2 kids and looking at her pictures on her fb page she goes for bald guys with facial hair. Skank. She is really being a great role model for her daughters. I so want to tell her current boyfriend that she has had since December 2014 about what a ho bag she is but I am sure he has some clue since most of his posts have to do with something sexual or how wild she is. Good luck buddy and I hope your d*** doesn’t fall off with a seven year itch. Brandy you are a f****** skank and I hope you burn in hell. || I am currently trying to work things out with my husband. Believe me I was ready for him to leave and had started packing up his stuff. This whole thing devastated me because I was one of those trusting people who thought the world of her husband. Well, not so much anymore. Whatever happens will happen and if it is meant to be it will be. I have faith that me and my kids will be alright regardless.

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