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I met Brandon in Feb 14 14. Not on purpose it was an introduction by another whore Bridgit . he was charming and he gave me a rose. It took months of Mr letting my guard down before I realized hr was lying. But I would like to say. I.left 2x’s. All because I really wanted my true love.Here is what I would like to say to the woman living in his house with him . who he claims to not love at all.I wish I could run into an tell you the truth so you would know what a pos he really is and what he really thinks about you and how worthless all women are to him. Not just saying this to hurt you! I am saying this because it’s the truth. I am ashamed of the events that have transpired. But even that I knew and still went threw it. Every red light went of in my head my gut and my heart. I lied to someone I loved and lost . thankfully he forgave me. But I fell for the vain assholes bullshit. And vain is the nice word I can come up with. He thinks you have no idea ! Betrayal works both ways. Up til 1 week ago he wanted to move in. Made Promise’s beyond comprehension. I was Leary of all of them. But he said he loved me above you and above this other he has been fkn for 4 yrs . Just not his job or his kids. But I saved face and ptetened to “love” him.. While my heart belongs to someone else and always will !I laugh at him I scorn at his word of love. I didn’t love him as he said he loved me. I guarded my actions and my heart. But never wanted him for more than one night.He said your convenience and more. Your meager and usable. No he does not love you. Not even word of love. I have read every text and Facebook message when he was in my presence between the two of you. He now sends me the same crap. Trying to make me fit his ideal. Not gonna happen.I’m sorry Lynnette that this is how you had to find out..And to Apryl he says even worse things about you. Your both lazy whores to him. He doesn’t respect you at all..The last time we had sexual contact was Oct 25.And he wanted to take me on vacation. Not you.

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By Ronald

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