Branding Yourself Review


This company offer a free progress report evenif you don’t use them. The monthly progress report ask you to check off if something negative relates to you. Once you check off that it relates to you they find a way to make that negative report appear as the first item on a google search that way you are more encouraged to retian them. Before I even spoke to them and gave them my info the negative marks were on page two of google After I gave them my name and acknowledged that the negative remarks related to me It began to appear at the top of page one of google search. They did this so I would reatin them to have it moved STAY AWAY FROM THEM DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION THEY WILL MAKE SURE IT APPEARS ON PAGE ONBE FO A GOOGLE SEARCH THEN HOUND YOU TO USE THEM


Name: Branding Yourself

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 214 Sullivan St

Phone: (646) 863-8226


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By Ronald

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