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About a year ago my husband became distant and I started seeing him less and less, we were having some troubles but we always seemed to be able to work through them. Well he started leaving on the weekends leaving me with our children, it would be days until I was able to talk to him but we were still intimate. I then started hearing rumors that he was sleeping with this GIRL (who has ruined other marriages before). || I would and still do get anonymous texts from someone giving me information about their relationship but Everytime I try to trace the number back its disconnected. I then confronted the whore and she told me that we’re done and for a while I believe they were and We are still married trying to work on our relationship for our kids but I just want that home wrecking slut gone she has done nothing but cause problems and bring STD’s into the marriage that my HUSBAND and I have. || I think it’s sad that someone who has kids of her own would do this to someone else’s family… She is a very poor excuse of a human and should reconsider her life choices.

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By Ronald

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