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It has taken me a long time to be able to post my homewrecker but here it goes. One night in March 2011 I met an amazing man who I danced and talked to all night long, told my best friend before we left that night that I had just met the man I was going to marry. October 2012 we were married! I knew from the beginning he had issues with talking to other women and naively believed it would stop once we got married. It didn’t. Things unraveled quickly and we separated. Things were pretty rough during that time but continued to talk (I did make the mistake of getting involved with someone else). I have never seen Anyone fight for someone the way that man did for me, the lengths he went to, to prove he wanted to change for me. I married this man for a reason, I loved him unconditionally and I wanted to fight for us to be together. So after being separated for a few months we did get back together, we went on vacation together and I was going back and forth to see him at work, we were getting along really good and things seemed perfect. || Then two days after he had gone to work, I was getting ready for bed when I got a phone call that shattered my world. He was gone. He was in an accident and didn’t make it. I thought I would never make it through that night, my heart hurt more than anything I had ever felt. I don’t remember what I said when I told my family or even the next two weeks but I’ll always remember the way my heart hurt that night when I heard those words. The very next day I had to load up my two young children and take them to their grandparents and leave to go identity my husband and claim his belongings. Thankfully I don’t remember most of the day but I do remember getting his phone looking at our last texts to each other and then seeing an unnamed phone number texting him about having a”sleepover” in the town where he was working. I immediately called her! Of course being the coward she is the second she heard my voice she hung up and wouldn’t answer my calls. I texted her from his phone telling her the least she could do was tell me what was going on between her and my dead husband! She calls telling me how difficult this is for her and that they had something special, he asked if she loved him the night before but that she did not know we were back together. Uh huh. Goes on to tell me they met on POF in January 2013, how many times they talked a week, how many times they had sex and where but that she did not know we were back together. Uh huh. She then has the audacity to ask where his funeral is so she can pay her respects! Yea ballsy! As were driving back home I go through their texts to read them talking about me…she knew everything that was going on. She knew we were together. Come to find out, she is related to my kids, their 3rd cousin, she had a boyfriend when she met my husband and was still married, has multiple children by different fathers. Real winner! || I guess it was so hard so blast this homewrecker because he’s gone. This won’t bring him back and he was no saint by any means but I loved him more than I can explain and this was the worst possible scenario for a wife to find out something like this. But to Brandi he was just another person to give her attention, well here you go sweetheart, here’s some attention for your nasty ass! Go be a mother to your multiple children (whom you leave behind to go get dick in other states)! Close your legs and stop to consider whose lives you may be ruining!

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