Branden Oliver Twist


Complaint: This truthful opinion based complaint is a matter of public concern related to community well-being, government, and safety. From my viewpoint I believe Branden Twist, C. Fieszel, and other people that he knew made prejudicial false accusations against me to government officials several years ago which incited a chain reaction of public hatred, contempt, and ridicule against me. In my opinion the false accusations made against me misrepresented my character, my actions, and my words which incited a mobbing against me and lowered me in the estimation of the community and deterred others from peacefully associating with me. Furthermore, I felt physically and verbally bullied and threatened by Branden Twist. I felt unsafe in the community because of Branden Twist. The false accusations also caused a prejudicial investigation and unfair profiling against me by government officials. I felt that I was wrongfully put under surveillance in the community. I was not arrested but I felt harassed, traumatized, and discriminated against as the prejudiced investigation lingered and the mobbing continued. From my viewpoint I believe that Branden Twist and C. Fieszel might have intentionally inflicted emotional harm onto me and incited others to treat me with scorn and as a spectacle because of prejudices. I believe that government officials should be a lot more careful and prudent when using informant systems and giving immunity. Abuse of power, snitch culture, bullying, cash for tips, and lack of checks and balances seems to be a social problem in North Texas and this is a matter of public concern.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators, School Bullies

Address: Frisco, Texas United States



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