BrakeMax Ripoff, abusing the elderly, taking advantage Tucson az!!. My 81 year old mother recently took her car in for an oil change and look over, when she mentioned it, I went to take a look, only 1,600 miles on the oil, checked all the fluids (all full and clean), checked her parking spot, no leaks or anything showing. So thought, sure, if she wants to, no problems. She takes it in the next day, then when I get home that afternoon, sheu2019s all upset. Turns out they tell her thereu2019s a leak (??? Odd that ALL fluid levels were fine), and it HAS to be fixed. She said they offered to show her, which she basically waved off as she doesnu2019t know cars at all. Then she asks u2018h*e much?u2019 and getu2019s told u2018about $1,000u2019, which upset her even more, (one would think, that if someone was upset about the total cost of the guesstimate, that, if ethical, they would look to remove items that werenu2019t essential work) but said u2018Itu2019s been a good car, if it HAS to be done, it has to be doneu2019 and pulls out her checkbook. (and again, obviously the tranny work and fuel system work DIDNu2019t HAVE TO BE DONE) Then apparently they gave her a ride home for while they fixed the leak. Came picked her up, again out comes the checkbook and they are telling her, u2018No put that awayu2019 and start talking up some credit card that will give 6 months u2018freeu2019 financing, she want to write a check (and yes itu2019s easily good), but no they keep talking up this credit card thing, so she basically gives in, telling me they wouldnu2019t let up. I go to look at the invoice, and see they have done the oil change, replaced the Rack and pinion, but then it gets interesting. Apparently they decide that while doing the rack and pinion they also need to flush the power steering system (apparently canu2019t just replace fluid that might be lost (so almost an additional $60), they also played with the fuel system (which had no problems at all), treatment chemical kit, rail treatment, cleaner, service, etc ($134), and replaced the transmission filter and gasket (yes and flush the system) to a tune of $300. Again, the extra charges for u2018flushingu2019 are just typical add ons, the tranning could simply be refilled after changing the filter and gasket) Iu2019ve since emailed them about this, so there would be a written record and asked a number of questions about all this, most of the questions have been ignored. In particular, this fuel service junk. ON the transmission, was informed they had been recommending this for 2 years now (and notably A) we have declined, the car is near 12 years old, total 54,000 miles, the caru2019s manual u2018suggestu2019 changing gasket and filter, only under extreme use, none of the conditions she really meets, the car is seldom driven, doesnu2019t tow anything, little to know heavy city driving, not during the heat of the day, etc. And actually it was brought up closer to 3 years ago, by the previous manager who had said it wasnu2019t really needed, maybe at 100,000 miles. The current manager initially stated that the tranny flush is recommended at 50,000. Then later after the manual was quoted to him. Then comes back in another response and says itu2019s recommended anytime the temp exceeds 92 degrees. No comment offered on the fact it had been declined previously 2-3 times, no responses to other questions, etc. Also a note on this u2018credit card company, supposedly this card is to come with a $50 Visa card for opening the account (my mother told me they said a $100 card, which of course hasnu2019t been forthcoming. The issued a card within days, and sent an initial bill that CLOSED 9 days after the work was done and gave a billing period that supposedly started appr 3 weeks before she even opened the account. The company has numerous complaints on the internet about itu2019s practices.. When I initially emailed the store u2018 I was also very specific to ask for a response via email, so there would be no he said/she said, also knowing how upset my Mom was about all this and getting ripped off, I didnu2019t want her to have to deal with these people. And, of course, the very next morning this manager calls my Momu2026on the phone. This upset her even more (gee thanks Brake Max u2018 get a SPECIFIC request and totally ignore it), anyway, she informed him to never call again, that she wouldnu2019t be back and then hung up on him. So they stuck her for over $430 of unneeded work (which she wasnu2019t aware of) not to mention the failure to produce the $100 (or $50 as they claim now) gift cardu2026.and I still have strong doubts about his so called leak that resulted in the rest of the charges (other than the oil change), since as mentioned the fluid level was good. So beware of using this place.

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