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Hires you to work a job as a remote sales agent. Then he pays you your first payckeck then refuses to pay you again and leads you on that the company switched payroll processing companies and tries to convince you to continue to work that it will be resloved in a few days time. | This guy is dirty and will keep opening new businesses and taking advantage of people. Long history of the same old story. Stay away from BPS Capital bpscapital.net. The real company is as follows. | Company Name: BPSC EQUITY GROUP CORP INC. File Number: 0803047562 Filing State: Texas (TX) Filing Status: In Existence Filing Date: June 19, 2018 Company Age: 7 Months Registered Agent: Legalinc Corporate Services Inc. | 10601 Clarence Dr. | Suite 250 | Frisco, TX 75033 | Principal Address: 10601 Clarence Dr Ste 250 | Frisco, TX 75033-3867 | AKA BPS Capital.Net FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD | Company Contacts | STEVEN WEAVER Director 100 Crescent Court, 7th Floor | Dallas, TX 75201


Name: BPS Capital

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Frisco

Address: 10601 Clarence Dr Ste 250

Phone: 877.297.5018

Website: www.bpscapital.net

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