BPI/MS Insurance Corporation Review


There’s a reason why BPI Autoloan bundles this insurance for “free” — because it’s really terrible. The people, especially in the San Isidro, San Fernando branch, are very apathetic to customers who are raising claims from accidents. These people cannot even be bothered to smile and say good morning. Their goal seems to be to make you feel unwelcome and that their processing of claims is some sort of debt of gratitude. | The process is extremely slow. It takes 6 months in some cases to process a very obvious case of a total wreck. That’s what happened to me. If you don’t constantly follow up, they will not act. They will keep dragging the process to try and make customers forget about their claims. | I have had much better experiences with the likes of CGIC and Charter Ping An who made me feel like I have someone to rely on during times of need. BPI MS will not be that if something happens to your car. Instead of being your partner, it will act like your worst enemy.


Name: BPI/MS Insurance Corporation

Country: Philippines


City: Metro Manila

Address: 6811 Ayala Ave, Makati

Phone: 63 2 840 9000

Website: www.bpims.com/

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By Ronald

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