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Complaint: The Abyss of Indiscretion Unconstitutional Law My father formed an LLC, he left my sister and I an estate. The value was over two million dollars. In 2006 my trust was formed. I invested my money. In 2007, a large sum was missing from my accounts. I transferred them to a new financial institution, and discovered I am a victim of identity theft. In 2008, my trust was thrown into a court in Hennepin, Minnesota. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, the trust was established here and we have no ties to Minnesota. I had no time to build a case and no idea what to fight. I asked the court for assistance, but no one would tell me what my case was about. My attorney in Minnesota told me it was a high profile case, but that is all he would say. I lost over $50,000. I was held accountable for actions I did not make and correspondence I did not send. Hearsay was allowed by witnesses who falsely belived they had a right to my money. I still don’t know why this happened. It is my assumption that my brother in law is involved, because he resticts communication by my sister and I. I started receiving letters from the IRS from all over the country, my credit was ruined and I lost my home to pay the legal fees, but i am still a victim. Tax IDs have been manipulated for identification purposes. I have an attorney, but I am running out of money. I need financial assistance. I will be in a position to reimburse the funds when I resolve the issue. I need help, if anyone is willing to help in some way, it would be appreciated, these people are trying to ruin my life. I have been told that I may be facing criminal charges if my identity is used for criminal activity. Sincerely, Patricia Bxxxxxx 385 xxx-xxxx

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

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