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April 2012 I entered Boston Store in East Town Mall in Madison Wisconsin. I was in the store for about an hour and a half. I decided to try on some dresses & skirts. I went into a dressing room to change. I went to the room furthest from the dressing entry way. While changing my clothes I heard a mans voice. nI frantically search for a way to lock the door, but there is not lock! The door flies open! There is a man standing there looking me up & down, smiling at me! I was trying on dresses so I was completely undressed. I went into shock, screaming you can be in here!! I slammed the doorn ( which flew back open, no lock or latch) I put a chair in front of it and frantically I got dressed. I came out of the dressing room yelling “there is a man in the dressing room””! nThe clerks told him he shouldn’t be in there

but weren’t that concerned about what just happened to me! The only person who seem to care was a customer

she appeared to be shocked about the situation I left the store in tears. nThe next day I called the manager. She didn’t think it was a big deal! I said “”why don’t you have locks on the dressing room doors? You could have prevented this horrible situation!”” She had no response to my question. She said she would send me a $50.00 gift card

but I received no apology

how insulting! nCome to find out not a single dressingroom in Boston Store East Town

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By Ronald

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