Borderline International Review


What are scammers and rip-off aritsts. They are bent on stealing your money via credit card fraud. First they will place credit card order for expensive item, and then send someone else to pickup it up, so that later on they can claim that no one had ordered anything on this credit card. | They made an online purchase from us, and selected customer pickup, even that is clearly states that customer who pays with credit card must pickup. Then they wanted to send someone else to pickup expensive item from us, instead of credit card holder, so that they can claim later on that nothing was ordered. When we explained to this fraudsters that only credit card holder can come and pickup, guy went berserk, and refused even send us signed invoice via email. Clearly intention of these scam artist was to commit credit card fraud!!! | We tried to explain that our policy is clearly posted, and that we only ship to credit card billing address and only credit card holder can pickup expensive item, but they didn’t want to listen. | Then they tried to go around, ordering through 3rd party, and being already suspicions, we refused to ship them our product. | Overall, doing business with Borderline International it is clear that these are arrogant people, bent on stealing your money via credit card fraud or chargebacks.


Name: Borderline International

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Plantation

Address: 4036 Bryan Blvd

Phone: 954-584-4848


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By Ronald

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