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Complaint: I was fortunate enough to see the writing on the wall with regards to working for Pam Gray. I was able to walk out after only 3 weeks employment.On my first day as Sales Manager I found paperwork that confirmed my predecessor lasted only three weeks. I was told the reason he left was he was offered his old job back and gave his resignation to Bonaventure with tears in his eyes. I have to smile when I think of this lie now.Pam Gray gave a presentation at our “training”” where she said she gained weight when housing rental stats were low so we needed to pump up the rentals so she could lose weight. In addition to overeating I believe Ms. Gray is also addicted to drama. I belive she could not survive in a professional setting where success was consistent and operations were running smoothly. If you are reading this and thinking of working there I am sure you will think twice about that. If you have aging loved ones and are doing your due dilligence before placing them in a retirement community I am also sure you will think twice about that.I must assume that Pam’s boss has an agenda other than making money since he has allowed this woman to run the reputation of the company into the ground and also run off qualified staff. I know it costs money to employ to staff and with the high turnover there can only be two reasons: incompetent hiring or incompetent managing. Pam demanded I harass prospective tenants

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Address: disregarding the process of relationship development andthe use of professional sales tecniques. As a professional with extensive experience working with and selling to seniors and their families I immediately recognized the impossibility of succeeding under such spectacularly dysfunctional “”leadership”” and walked out without looking back.”


Phone: 4528 Intelco Loop, Lacey, WA 98503 Lacey, Washington United States of America

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