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Complaint: this company were selling Tiffany&Co fake jewellery on Facebook. They were using actual Tiffany images etc. I stupidly bought a bracelet. When I saw the money was taken out of my bank account from a company in Beijing bells started to fo off. I then looked up the company idolgod shops to find out they are a compnay in China with NO affiliation to Tiffany. Spoke with someone at Tiffany&Co and they said they had nothing to do with this Compant and were looking into them. Tried emailing to cancel my account, many times to no avail. Recie a pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses in the post toda. Tried calling the telephone number many times no answer. I am out of pocket by $192!! Not only do I not have the fake bracelet but now have a pair of fake sunglasses I never ordered and are worth about $5 !!!! I feel so stupid and very angry. These companies should be severely punished.

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Address: Chengdu Shuangliu District Chengdu China


Phone: 028-85895670

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