Body Treats Medi Spa & Massage Review


I was an employees of Sandy Usselman at her Body Treats spa in Red Deer Alberta.When Sandy did payroll every cheque I got was short money, as were my co-workers cheques. 10 out of 11 employees quit over a 2 year period due to awfull work conditions. Lack of supplies, from simple stationary to products needed for clients treatments. Broken equipment, miscommunication or none at all, telling one co-worker something while telling another co-worker the exact opposite. Mistrust quickly developed while Sandy played the “your my favorite” this week game. I am not surprised to learn there are three (3) current lawsuits against her. I personally hope she losses every one. Please beware if you are even thinking of working for this woman. | Randy Usselman is Sandys’ husband and is knownin Red Deer to be as bad or worse than she is. I know for a fact he sent several threatening texts to her partner, my direct boss, when she she could not get her partner to work for free anymore.


Name: Body Treats Medi Spa & Massage

Country: Canada


City: Red Deer, Alberta

Address: 4601 Gaetz Ave



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By Ronald

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