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I’ve read all of the previous reports on Body of Change listed on this website. My experience is quite similar. Their sales tactics are as aggressive and slimy as my worst car-salesman experience. nThe only reason I agreed to sign up with them was because they specifically told me that I could cancel at any time with no penalty. Inrepeat, the guy LIED to me. nI signed the contract like a trusting fool without reading it. They did not give me a copy of my contract, and when I asked them why not, they told me I would receive my copy of the contract in the mail in a few weeks. nThis, I find out now, is so that you are never able to read the f***ing thing until it is too late to cancel. nHow is this legal? This company clearly knows exactly what it is doing. I have had all the same experiences outlined by others – crappy trainers, trainers who are unavailable, trainers who mysteriously quit, managers who disappear, are retarded, and are unavailable. nDoes anyone have any idea on how to stop this company? I won’t pay them any cancellation fee without taking this as far as I can legally. npissed off!nPasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.

201 South Lake Avenue Pasadena, California U.S.A.

623-516-2200 x116

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