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This place lured me right into a trap the moment I made my initial purchase on Groupon for Pole Fitness Classes. I should have known better. | When I first walked into the building, I noticed an outdated Coke vending machine. It quickly took my dollar and gave me a nearly room temperature drink that was flat and EXPIRED! Yes, this machine was likely purchased at a junk yard. | Next, the V-Steam was a major disappointment. It was out in the open near the entrance almost like a cheap soda machine. When I started asking questions about the services, I was told that V-Steam is an ancient practice that Japanese prostitutes used after having sex with multiple partners to clean their vaginas. The STD rate in and around New Orleans is already at an all-time high and I do not want to contract a disease by sharing this equipment. | We all know by now that added moisture causes problems such as bacterial vaginosis (stank cooch) and yeast infections. This service is comparable to taking a hot bath, sitting in a sauna, or microwaving a glass of lemon water and squatting over it for 10 minutes with very similar results. | As I walked towards the back of the building towards the small “reception” area, I noticed that brightly-colored tennis balls were placed on the bottoms of the folding chairs. It was so tacky. To add to the tackiness, the tablecloths were cheap and flimsy. The broken fireplace appeared as though it had been built of cardboard and tack glue. Avoid taking a picture with the fireplace in the background. | Before I jump into how the business scammed me out of several hundred dollars for a yearly membership, let me mention the deplorable conditions of the actual pole fitness studio area. The pictures on the website appear to hide the actual design. For one, one of the walls of the studio is constructed out of a black garbage bag. Next, it’s not always likely you will get a pole to yourself to work out on. You may have to share it with two or three other people who have paid $20 on Groupon. Don’t expect all of the poles to be in order. Some are broken and cannot be used. They are not screwed in properly. There were many times women practiced on broken poles for a while before the instructor even noticed to give a warning. The poles are not always properly maintained. | During the beginning of class, customers stretch using their mats. There are usually never enough for everyone. These mats are filthy and smell like toe cheese. The are supposed to be pink, but they are dingy and filled with dirt and who knows what. You choose the filthy mats or the filthy floors. The floors appear to never have been swept. There is no broom in sight. As I was working out, I’d step on sharp foreign objects. I am not the first nor will I be the last person to complain about this. | I met the instructor named “Storm.” There’s also the homosexual, the college student, and the other woman who looks at her phone for someone else to instruct her on how to instuct during the Boot Camp class. Then, there’s the other random lady who plays on the poles as much as the customers do so I don’t know what her role is (Sandy Martinez/Office Manager). During my sessions using the Groupon deal, there was usually only one instructor who did not and could not properly supervise the class because she was instructing a class that contained too many $20 Groupon customers. The instructor would have you try moves and would not spot you. My instructors and the owner kept pushing me and saying that the pain in my shoulder was attributable to my strength developing. I felt like I had to get stronger and continued to attend classes. I put a lot of trust in the instructors. When my $20 Groupon deal expired, I made the mistake of renewing my membership for an entire year. I paid a couple hundred dollars to this business using Paypal. Eventually, the pain in my shoulder became unbearable. I began to ask the instructors for more advice to understand the source of the pain. Again, I was given the same piece of advice; to continue working out on it because I was strengthening my shoulder. | I called the owner of Body in Motion Fitness, Shannon Williams. I spoke with her about the pain in my shoulder. I told her that I had visited my doctor and that I was advised to stop working out until I healed. I was one month into my annual membership so I asked her to post-pone my membership or issue me a refund. She advised me to continue pole fitness (despite my doctor’s orders) or else I would lose the strength that I had built up in my arms. She refused to post-pone my annual membership or issue a refund, stating that under the such and such promotion, post-poning membership is not an option and that her business has a no money back policy. She stated that because I signed a release form, her business was not responsible for my injuries. | That leads me to talk about Shannon Williams’s aunt Barbera. This lady held me up before a pole fitness class while she gave a demonstration about her insurance product. She asked me for all of my personal information, including my salary. She showed me the names of all of the people in my locality who she claimed were benefitting from her company’s services. She said that if I were to ever get injured and had to be hospitalized and miss work, her insurance product would compensate me. Avoid her at all costs because she is bad luck. She explained how back in the day when she was in college, she was hanging out with friends when she saw a strip pole. She ran towards it, jumped, and fell on her a*s. She then mentioned that there are several lawsuits currently against Body in Motion Fitness. Their attorney is Anthony J. Livaccari, Jr. located at 101 W. Robert E. Lee Blvd. Suite 402 New Orlenas, LA 70124. His firm does not have a website and he uses a google e-mail address. In other words, he is a street-corner-hustling attorney that this business has hired. | Once I requested a refund from Shannon Williams, she had him contact me. He lied in his e-mail, stating that Body in Motion’s policies includes a waiver of liability to “”participating in any activity at BIM and using/accessing its facilities, equipment, instructors and representatives…”” “As such, you assumed the risk for yur alleged injury and there is no liability to BIM.” If there was no liability, then why would Shannon’s Aunt Barbera state that there were several lawsuits pending against the business? That’s because smart people know that there is no such thing as no liability until the judge says so. If you’re injured, it’s best to get your own lawyer, sue, and let the judge decide whether there is liability. | I said all that to say this. If you’re considering pole fitness instruction, don’t make the same mistakes I did. If I could do it all over, I would have chosen the more expensive pole fitness studio across town. If there were no other option, I would not pay for an annual membership. I would continue to give Body in Motion $20 here and there through Groupon. Once you give Shannon Williams of Body in Motion Fitness your money, you will not get it back. If this business would scam me out of a few hundred bucks, it will scam the next person too. If this business will tell me “Too bad, too sad,” for your injury even after our fitness instructors poorly trained you, it will tell you the same thing.


Name: Body In Motion

Country: United States

State: Louisiana

City: Metairie

Address: 3924 Barron Street

Phone: 504-889-8344


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