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Boddrick is the epitome of a home wrecker. Although I should have seen it coming, given the circumstances of the rest of our relationship and his”awesome” upbringing. With that said, Boddrick was NEVER fully faithful. Ever. However, all of the other incidence of”cheating” or inappropriate texting and such, pale in comparison to the events that reached their precipice and resulted in my finally ending our”marriage.” First I should say that the”woman” involved in this situation is the most ratchet, scandalous, terrible bitch I have ever laid eyes on. Her name is Lacey (last name removed) and women beware, she is a dirty whore. || Toward the end of 2011, Boddrick had started going out more often, not coming home until later in the evening, and often being dropped off by Lacey. I suspected something was going on, but Lacey and I were friends. We had all hung out on several occasions and although I didnt trust B, I honestly didnt think that she would do anything to risk our friendship because she was the type of bitch that was very concerned about how people perceived her. Anyway, Lacey has money and every time we would go to the bar, she picked up the tab and would pay everyones way, so everyone liked it when she was around solely because it was a financially beneficial friendship. ANYWAY, one evening toward the end of December, Boddrick didnt come home until early in the morning and his friends were all home long before he showed up and Lacey ended up dropping him off AT OUR HOUSE! I blew up her phone giving her the 3rd degree of the nature of she and Boddricks relationship, to which she vehemently denied any wrongdoing. Claiming that she isnt a homewrecker (oh the irony) and that she knew that Boddrick was mine and wouldnt do anything to facilitate the demise of our marriage (not to mention, hurt our three children). I wrote it off and just hoped beyond hope that she wasnt THAT scandalous. We had all hung out shortly after this incident to which she again brought up the situation and denied that anything was going on. I felt confident that she wasn’t that type of girl, however I knew that Boddrick was and IS that kind of guy, so I was concerned in that way. I started getting phone calls from our mutual friends telling me that shit was going on between lacey and B, but me being emotionally controlled by B, I made excuses for his actions and trusted what he was telling me. || Finally, on March 27th, 2012, I saw Boddricks phone was locked. He has an Iphone however, and if you plug an Iphone into a computer, even when it is locked, It will download all of your pictures and videos and such. They all downloaded and I started to look through them, and came upon a video. A VIDEO OF LACEY AND BODDRICK F**KING!!! The worst part (as if it could get worse!) was at the end of the video, Boddrick says,”just remember, dont tell Autumn” and they both giggle as though it was a big joke. || Needless to say, this was the end (and thats putting it mildly). I kicked him out, and he, having no where else to go, called Lacey and she came and picked him, and all of his stuff, up from my house. Our three kids watching this whore pick up their trash ass father. Lacey is, was and will be a payday. She finances his life. To this day, he still calls and texts me CONSTANTLY. Always up in my business about where I am going and who I am with. Attempting to dictate my relationships and who I talk to. He begs for sex and head, telling me that they are not together. Lacey bought him a car, which I totaled. She then bought him ANOTHER car. She pays all of his bills, car payments, insurance, court fines and anything else he wants (system for his car, electronic drum sets, phone bills etc.). I obviously confronted Lacey and she had nothing to say for herself. She excused her behavior on the basis that he must not have been happy (She clearly doesn’t know B. He has ALWAYS just been looking for his free ride…which he found). || Like I said, I should have seen it coming, given the way he was raised, however, it doesn’t excuse treating people like shit. Marrying someone just to fuck them over. WOMEN BEWARE of these two. Terrible terrible terrible.

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