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Boca Car Wash Car Wash refuses to remove simple road dirt from vehicle. boca raton Florida!!. Paid for a car wash and was told by the owner of the car wash that two small smears of dirt on the rear end of my vehicle was not something to complain about, as it was not part of the “car wash” I paid for. The owner then proceeded to up-sell me on my car being detailed. Certainly I know the difference of what to expect between a car wash and a full detailed job on my Mercedes Benz. This was simple dirt on the rear end of my vehicle, on both sides, that could have easily been resolved properly to my satisfaction. When i asked to have the wash rag myself, the owner told me they are for sale in the front. Obviously, this owner does not understand the meaning of customer satisfaction over a very reasonable expectation that know easily removed grime be removed by a simple “car wash”. I will never attend or recommend this “car wash” to anyone.

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