Bobbie Lynn Commander – Prairieville, Louisiana Louisiana


2 years ago. While my husband was working out of state this woman Bobbie Lynn Commander started working for him. She works in the plants in the area and frequents the bars. Or used to. The first day she asked if he was married. She then proceeded to send over 1400 text messages in the next 6 weeks. I have 60 pages in phone bills. Including the photo shown and several others I won’t post, were found on his phone. My husband fell for her and dated her for several months. He then realized he made a mistake, and moved me here with him, where we reconciled our problems. When I contacted her, and told her to leave him alone, she then started stalking me. She came into my job and threatened me- to punch me in the face. I had to file a restraining order. She tried to get me fired from my job, but what she didn’t realize is it was all on camera. She was angry because I was able to retrieve the texts through a program called “Wondershare,” off of his iphone. Her fiancĂ© then dumped her. Most of the messages were she was “upset he was still married,” while trying to convince him to leave me. How much she loved him. The day the restraining order ended, she then started showing up where ever I was. I took a picture each time and have filed several police reports. She even went to the same Dr. office my husband uses. She’s been arrested for domestic violence (Livingston Parish May 17, 2015) and tried to call my husband the night she went to jail. I have the phone bill to prove it. She doesn’t work now, and goes from man to man, or checkbook to checkbook. If the man has a truck, a boat, a fishing/hunting camp, his own house she will do everything she can to take him. She finds the fact that these men are married or with someone else irrelevant. In the last year she is now on her 3rd engagement. We have a couple friends in common who’ve kept me informed, so I can watch my back. She uses her looks to ask men for money, including my husband. My friend sent a previous post about her, but I decided it was better if it came directly from me. I thought this was over, but recently she was sitting in front of our apartment. Around the week of August 15th. A day before she moved to Gautier, Mississippi with another “new fiancĂ©.” I hope he gets a prenup, the poor man is about to be taken for all he has.

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By Ronald

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