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BMW Union Park, Wilmington, DE Double Dipping Wilmington Delaware!!. just want to report my second bad experience with Union Park BMW couple of weeks ago. I was driving my 528i when suddenly a warning light came on about the drive train and the engine light on. I towed my car to Union Park BMW. I have to tell you, it was a mistake. I had a bad experience two years ago and I told myself that I will never bring my car there. I will have to say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. The service department told me that I will need to replace the Eccentric shaft sensor and I will need a new valve cover gasket since the car was leaking oil. They want to charge me labor twice for the same work. In order to replace the Eccentric shaft sensor, you have to remove the valve cover along the way. By the way, there are three screws that need to be removed in order to replace the sensor. How many hours will it take to remove these screws? They are all about ripping the customers. It is all about the money. Forget it about customer service because they don’t provide any service to the customers. They expect you to pay big bucks for repair because you own a BMW. They assume that money is nothing to you. Now I drive an hour away to service my car in Milford. Here is the quote that I received: Can someone tell me what is wrong with this quote? Operation 1112000 Valve cover Gasket, r&r 528i 2018 Labor $540.00 Parts $104.48 Misc: $32.22 Subtotal $676.70 Operation 1137030 Eccentric Shaft Sensor, r&r 528i Labor $594.00 Parts $638.41 Misc: $50.00 Subtotal $1282.41

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