BMG Auto Group fort worth Texas


Complaint: If your loooking for a reliable car then Please DONT GO TO BMG AUTO GROUP! I REPEAT! DONT GO TO BMG AUTO GROUP OR YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN A DEEPER HOLE AND OUT OF MORE MONEY!THERE CARS ARE NOT RELIABLE! I bought a 2002 bmw 530I on 3/1/12 and on 7/22/12 the radiator went out on it and it has a oil leak. this company refuses to work with me on repairs and still expects payment. by the way if your having financial issues THEY WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU UNTIL 9 MONTHS ARE MORE.(COME ON REALLLY 9 MNTHS,WOW! ) NOW THATS A LONG TIME RIGHT AND IN THIS ECONOMY WHO COULDNT USE AN EXTENSION IF NEEDED Now had i known all of this i would’ve not signed the contract. Trust me! and all James the store manager had to say i bought as is and i told him true but YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT SINCE HAVING THE CAR FOR ONLY A FEW MONTHS THEY WOULD FIX IT,AT THE LEAST THE FIRST ISSUES AND IF ANYMORE ISSUES THEN I WOULD TAKE CARE OF THEM AND HIS his people couldve have at least told me they do not repairs car or work with you if your having a financial situation. all he told me is they make sure there cars are inspected prior to leaving the lot which is not true leaks dont happen over night so i believe these issues been there it just gotten worse over time..AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! SAVE YOU MONEY! BECAUSE IF NOT YOU WILL REGRET LIKE I DID AND THE OTHER Ripoff ScamsER WHO BLOGGED ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 2418 west division arlington, Texas United States of America


Phone: 8172740000

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