Bluegreen Corporation Saranac Lake New York Review


Ok, I’m not sure I found the resolution but as more people complain to authorities the sooner investigation will be done. Sales person to us promised to buy it back and now the blowing us off, because it doesn’t say in the contract. Makes me so mad, I’m kicking myself in butt for beleiving. Whoever got tricked into buying it, or unsatisfied with their service, you need to file a report with better business bureau, then you should call Fair Trade Commission and tell them about your problem, call them at 22216606, or go online at, this one important government agency, the more people complain the faster investigation will be done. Then I file a complaint with Attorney General of Florida as well online. And the last company you should file a complaint with is Consumer Protection Agency in Florida, Please do, I’m incredibly aggrivated with these big companies taking advantages of simple consumers. nArijananSaranac Lake, New YorkU.S.A.

4960 Conference Way N., #100 Boca Raton, Florida U.S.A.

561-912 8000


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