Bluefin Shushi Bar brentwood California


Complaint: I happen to have very exclusive information that they employ minors without work permits, and illegal aliens without work visas or any legal documentation. This place of business not only unfairly and illegally takes 35% of waitresses and waiters tips to benefit only managers, but they are incredibly unclean. Meat is often on the floor in the kitchen, and lettuce often goes unwashed. The sushi is incredibly over priced, the fish they serve is far from fresh, often 3 to 4 weeks from fresh, and often is cheap imitation fish. The managers are incredibly sexist, often make rude, sexually harassing remarks and only hire women, and must find them attractive to even accept an application. They are all Korean, male dominating pigs and hell to have previously been employed by. Annonymous233 brentwood, CaliforniaU.S.A.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: Brentwood, California U.S.A.



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By Ronald

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