Blue World Pools – Pushy Pool Service

I was not into anything fancy or any perks when I had a guy from Blue World Pools come and do a site survey. I had a lot of ground to work with and I knew what I was working with because I use to work for a pool company myself. The salesman tried to do nothing but up sell, he didi not listen to a thing I said, He came up with a quote for me that he emailed to me after meeting with me. It had all kinds of added things to it that I had clearly stated I did not want! He was so pushy I did not even move forward with them. I am glad I did so because they would have charged me twice as much as I was quoted for anyways. Even after I told the guy that we were going in a different direction, someone called me from Blue World Pool to ask when a good day to start construction was and said all I had to do was put $10,000 down.

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