BLUE SKIES MANAGEMENT Napa California Review


Lillian Jacobs is as unprofessional a business you could ever meet. She quickly took over $1200 in deposits plus our actual rental fee (which was $1850 and seperate) for 7 days use of a home in Fallbeook, CA during Christmas 2014. She asked for a security deposit of $700, + cleaning deposit and + pet deposits for another few hundred dollars-and since we left the home in far cleaner conditions than when we arrived-we believed all deposits wouldbe promptly returned. So far-Lillian has not only kept kept every penny, but she has not retunrned my calls and emails asking for the deposit to be sent. California law states NO deposit is non-refundable, and any deductions must be evidenced by a damage repair bill for justification of any money deducted by the property manager. Regardless if an agreement is signed otherwise-law userpts the agreement. Deposits must also be retunrned withn 3 weeks after renter vacates the property. It’s now well over 6 weeks and can not get her to even respond. Lillian Jacobs may be the President of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and also Blue Skies Management (aka Blue Skies Executive Housing, but she apparently is above the law when it comes to other people’s money. Other issues we discovered after arriving at the home-was she claimed to have a working jacuzzi, a clean home for our family, and pets were welcomed. Soon after arriving we moved the sofa bed for our daughter and her husband on leave from overseas, and huge piles of dirt hair and dust balls were everywhere. Then we spotted more of the same all around the floor lamps, around the drapes, under the other furniture and out in the open along all the baseboards. We took plenty of pictures-then my grandson fell asleep next to his bed upstairs and my daughter noticed a dirt wad in his mouth (picture to document). We wanted this to be memorable but not for the dirt and filthy conditions Lillian touted. Next day we went to use the Jacuzzi and her handyman was working on it. He said he has been trying to get her to fix it for months now. Upon arrival we also saw there was a water leak over the pool table-plaster fallng down and the handyman said he fised it-but hours later we shut off the sink upstairs again as the ceiling was wet again. Our signed agreeent said check in was noon and checkout was also 12 noon-but she said the prior renters wouldn’t be out by then and not to arrive till 4:30pm. She also advanced the check out time and said we were to be out by 10:30am. (Which we were). We started our final cleaning the nnight before we left-but got up at 6:30am and cleaned inside appliances, wood polished all the floors, did 3 loads of laundry-folded all the twels, dried 1/2 the sheets and had the other 1/2 being washed by departure. (Several pics as evidence). We told her she needed to dry the final load but it was already 10:30 and the washer/dryer was slow so 4 hrs wasn’t enough time to dry the final load. We had washed and scrubbed ethe rear deck and stairs as a final step then left-in better and much cleaner shape then when we arived. DO NOT TRUST LILLIAN-DO NOT SIGN HER ILLEHAL RENTAL AGREEMENT-DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER Uness you hate yourself.

PO BOX 4576 Carlsbad, California USA



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