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On a legitimate acting site there was a post about a Samsung commercial seeking lead roles. 3 months past and I get an email saying I’m booked. Initial they ask for name , address, headshots, and measurements. Didn’t think much of it, this info is normal to give for a shoot. Everything is through email they even send a model agreement stating they are in conjunction with company for this project, they contract is one page, lays out pay and explains when money will be pai, which is an initial booking fee plus wardrobe money and the amt to be give afyer the shoot. My next email was a tracking number of the check they sent of 4900 I was instructed to deposit in my acct, take a pic of deposit slip then send to a number and await further instructions because I must kepp a booking fee of 500 and send the rest to the freelance designer along with my measurements. Mind you they have my measurements from a previous email, so they could have forwarded my measurements and the money to the designer themselves. Then the number they included texts me back to back to ensure that I have read the email and that I have deposited the check. I didn’t deposit the check I immediately knew this was a scam. It seemed so legit until that last e-mail. I am just fearful b/c they have my name, address, and headshots

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By Ronald

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