Blue Fin Rock Harbor Marina & RV Resort Review


| This RV Park and it’s owners have gone out of their way to rip-off anyone that stays at their RV Park. We purchased a mobile home that was no longer mobile and set in place (when purchased) on a lot for a monthly rental rate. Only visited the mobile home seasonally (few months a year) and continued to pay my rent faithfully for many years. Several of the other RV Parks in Key Largo, FL started to sell out to developers and these bottom feeders took advantage of it and started to charge double the monthly rent. The owners asked us to either sell the mobile home to someone else or have someone move the mobile home. They only wanted monthly mobile renters, not stationary permanant structures so that they can start charging $1200 a month for renting a RV pad. NO Ammenities! | We agreed on the sale of it and started to market the mobile home and received many inquiries, the owners stuck a LARGE sign in front of the mobile home stating that “24-Section 8 HUD Homes will be built in this location”. | Needless to say, many people came from all over the US and ALL left not interested in the mobile home because of the sign. Months have gone by and many visits to the mobile home with interested parties that were very interested in staying at the park, but to get turned away by the owners stating they needed $4,000 security deposit in case of huricane clean-up. Again, all interested were turned away because of their “made up policies” and we felt was unreasonable but continued to play their game. These people that were interviewed by the owners of the RV Park were not their “desired type” of clientele, or “trailer trash” as described to us by the owners. | We ended up giving the mobile home away because we could no longer afford their over-inflated rent for a place we did not ever use. it was transfered to the new owner on March 2016 (Bill of Sale & Title), so we requested our security deposit back from the owners of the RV Park. The owners refused to give the security deposit back and we received a registered letter stating that they are asking for additional monies for clean up of the mobile home once it was moved, damages, and for a few days rent in April 2016. We called a few of the people that reside at this RV park and they claimed that the clean-up was completed by the people that resided there and it took a 1/2 hour to clean up…not 4 hours that they stated in their letter to use. Also all the items that needed to cleaned up were in place were found under the mobile home, put there before we purchased the mobile home from the owners of the RV Park. The mobile home had a covering of lattice around the bottom of the mobile home that was NEVER removed to put anything under it. The owner…Alana told the new owner of the mobile home that her husband Sam told her to “raise the rent so high to force those people out”. A sworn statement! | These kind of owners are becoming common to the Florida Keys and it is unforunate because it is a beautiful place, but if this can help one person it was worth the time submitting this report. | Stay away from this place…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Name: Blue Fin Rock Harbor Marina & RV Resort

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Key Largo

Address: P.O. Box 370888

Phone: 305-394-1773


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By Ronald

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