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Hello It been the worst experience to send as first of all i wasnt given full information on phone when i specifically called to ask do u guys accept VISA DEBIT and PAYPAL n lady on other end said yes and even took my name n phone number n told will be taking care of it that its delivered today. After placing my order person called me back that my visa debit is not working where i had placed the order from same card at big store online for other gift too. and then on asking email for paypal to my surprise i was told u guys dont accept paypal and total will be 59 something n on query was told extra 9.99 for delivery which wasnt told to me as i told person on which he argued that lady told ….. IF THE LADY WOULD HAVE TOLD ME I M NOT IDIOT TO LEAVE FTD.CA WHO CHARGE 15 FOR SERVICE TO COME FOR YOUR SERVICE … CUZ THEN I WOULD HAVE PAID 16.99 EXTRA AS COMPARE TO $15 OF FTD TO U GUYS FOR SERVICE……… Anyways person was kind enough to tell for sending through interac e-trasnfer n gave me details which was processed and also told me its ok just pay invoice total. But to my surpise now same person Holando (maybe i m spelling wrong..sorry) after calling to office tell why i am calling he doesnt have any record .. cant tell about my delivery that will be it delivered today or not, he doesnt have control, .. and worst part asking me why i am calling …. WELL I WAS CALLING cuz my online banking says transaction complete but this person says has no idea of my payments. When i told i m going to cancel the email transfer, he just disconnected the phone and in my online banking i see that the transcation been completed where all these time when i was talking was told it was sent.After talking to my bank to revert the transaction which they couldnt do anything( this is another worst part of banking if fraud happen bank doesnt help in anything) I called the company again on which they didnt answer my call at all maybe the put my number on no pick list. So finally after 1.30hrs i called again n same person picks n i requrested if he can tell me will my order be delivered today on which he told he cant say but again told hold to check (which i like his courtesy) and then the big surprise which i was thinking will come he just PLAINELY TOLD THAT THE CUT OFF TIME FOR TODAY DELIVERY IS DONE .. I PLACE ORDERD AT 12.50 N TILL 4.40 THEY DIDNT HAD ANY IDEA OF MY PAYMENT N SUDDENLY ITS CUT OF TIME…SO I TOLD HIM TO REFUND MY MONEY N CANCEL THE ORDER ON WHICH HE SAID THERE IS 29.99 + TAX CANCELLATION CHARGES.. WHEREAS MY ORDER WASNT PROCESSED AT THEIR END NOT MY FAULT) ON WHICH I Asked to send me email with cancellation details, which HE REFUSED AND SAID WILL NOT SEND ANY MAIL.. YOU NEED TO SEND THE FAX WITH SIGNATURE THAT U AGREE TO CANCEL POLICY N THEN WILL RETURN AND CALL TOMORROW…. NOW OTHER OFFER IF U WANT TO DELIVER TODAY THEN ITS 14.99 EXTRA OTHERWISE. HE TOLD I M PLAYING GAMES I WAS TOLD EXTRA FOR TODAYS DELIVERY…… JUST CALL TOMORROW N HE HANG.ON CALLING BACK AGAIN N ASKING FOR FAX NUMBER HE JUST SAID HAVE A GOOD DAY BYE N DISCONNECTED.NOW NOT PICKING THE PHONE WELL ITS SIMPLE THEIR PLAN IS TO TAKE ORDER BE GOOD N THEN DELAY .. IF THE PERSON ASKS FOR THE REFUND .. CANCELLATION POLICY.. NO WHERE IN THE WORLD THERE IS CANCELLATION POLICY IF THE DATE OF DELIVERY IS NOT REACHED….. FIRST TIME I AM LISTENING.. I HAD BAD EXPEIERNCE WITH SOME OTHER SITES BUT THIS IS FIRST TIME I M PUTTING COMPLAINT CUZ ATLEAST THOSE OTHER SITES WEERE COURTEOUS ENOUGH TO TALK N REFUND OR CREDIT FOR THE FAULT OF THEIR NOT MINE BUT THIS COMPANY IS JUST PLAYING WITH MONEY OF OTHER PEOPLE N AUTHORITIES ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING…I WOULD REQUEST TO BLACKLIST THEIR SITE SO NO ONE ELSE BE THE VICTIM OF THIS SCAM THEY RUNNING. I DONT KNOW NOW WHAT TO DO THESE GUYS WASTED MY WHOLE DAY AND HAD TO SENT THOSE BDAY SURPRISE FLOWERS TO MY SWEETHEART. SIMPLE NOT IN HAPPY MOOD ON THIS BIG DAY.

Brampton, Ontario Canada



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