Thanks to, credit card fraud is easier than ever. There is no longer a need to hack into a database to get credit card numbers, names and addressses. All a criminal needs is a credit card number and name (or lots of them). Now simply google the name on the card, and they have your full, valid billing address. Combine the 2 together (name, credit card number and billing address), and the criminal can now conduct any fradulent transaction online so long as it does not require the ccv code on the back of the card. My research shows that 1/2 of large scale online merchants do not require the ccv. FTC says this is all fine though, addresses are public domain. Their reaction to me was “Its legal, but I’ll file your complaint anyway”. Even worse is that makes automated fraud easier than ever! Who needs to google when one can write an automated program to gather addresses from They don’t even require captcha codes (to prevent automated bots), no audit records required of who queried the data, and no opt-out option. The S___ is going to hit the fan, just wait and see.

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