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As I entered the checkout area of a local BlockBuster (BB) store, I noticed the idle register displayed RENT ANY 3 FOR $9.99. I had three items to rent, two movies and one game, even using a coupon for one of the movies. nTotal charges with the coupon was $12.76 (including the $0.78 sales tax). I told the BB employee the charges should be $9.99 and showed the employee the idle register’s display reading RENT ANY 3 FOR $9.99. She said I’m using a coupon and paying for two items. I said give me the coupon back and charge me the $9.99. She stated the advertised $9.99 is only for movies. I said it reads ANY. That includes movies and games. She said it is for movies only. I stated that’s not what it states; it states any. I told her that she needs to charge me the advertised price of $9.99 for the three items. She refused. I completed the transaction, using the coupon. nI asked for the manager. The manager stated the RENT ANY 3 FOR $9.99 is for movies only. I stated it reads any. The manager stated go [way] over there and read it. I stated I was not over there and did not see what he is referring to, that I only saw the register’s display. I asked the manager for a refund. The manager refused. nI took a cell phone photograph of the register reading RENT ANY 3 FOR $9.99. nAfter my transaction, the register used for my charges went idle and read RENT ANY 3 MOVIES FOR $9.99. So BB does know the difference between any 3 and any 3 movies. nI called BB customer service (CS). The CS person stated she would take the complaint. I asked the CS person what RENT ANY 3 FOR $9.99 means? The CS person stated that she didn’t know. I said it means any. I asked the CS person what does the word any mean and she stated she did not know. I asked her you don’t know what any means? She stated that it could be ‘anything’. I agreed with her and asked for my refund. She stated that she could only file a complaint. nIt appears that BlockBuster is committing fraud by overcharging customers a price greater than the advertised price and this could be another class-action suit against BlockBuster Inc. nJamesnMilton, FloridaU.S.A.

4873 HWY 90 Pace, Florida U.S.A.


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