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Complaint: I have always purchased my dogs from pet stores and thought I should go to a breeder for my next dog to get a better animal that most likely would not come from a puppy mill. I was very wrong with this decision. I purchased a puppy from Michele Walls of Blackwater Kennel back in 2014. I found her online and went to her home to see what puppies she had available. It was in December and quite cold outside and she had her puppies in a pen on her front porch. I found it too cold for them to be outside but did not say anything. I also noticed some outside kennels that did not look to be very well taken care of. I saw that some of the puppies had diarrhea. I chose the puppy that I would be purchasing and picking up in a couple of weeks while I was on vacation. I returned a couple of weeks later to pick up my new puppy, and was not even given any paperwork on the puppy. Just a piece of white notebook paper with a description of the dog with a birthdate and a sticker from her first round of shots. Not very professional at all. I took her the next day to my vet to get a check up on her and found that she had hookworms. I have never brought home a dog that was sick before, even from the pet store. When my puppy turned one I took her in for allergy testing, even though they do not usually test until 2 years old. She was itching from the day I brought her home and nothing was working. She was found to be allergic to almost every grain and vegetable, as well as ants, grass and people (Go Figure). I wondered why Michele told me I had to keep her on the specific food that she sent home with the puppy, and then I knew why. We did everything we could to keep her out of the grass, even though she loved being outside, and kept my house and her as clean as possible to keep the people dander count down for her. After 2 years of trying to find a food she could eat we started prescription allergy drops for her which are very expensive. Finally at 3 1/2 years old my dog started vomiting late one night so I took her to the vet in the morning. She never came back home. Her kidney levels were 3 times higher than normal, and when the vet gave her the proper fluids to flush her she swelled up to the surprise of the vet. They did an ultrasound on her and found that one of her kidneys was pretty much non-existent, the other was small for her size, as was her liver. The vet said it was congenital and she was that way from birth. There was nothing they could do so we had to put her down. If there was only one story for me to tell I would not have written this report. But I believe that Michele is selling dogs with serious health issues and people need to know about it before they spend their money and lots of love on one of her puppies. I don’t have children, so my dogs are my kids and I do everything possible for them. They are my world and my heart, which is now completely broken having lost my little girl too soon.

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